The company ALUMAKER KALTZIDIS undertakes work with the program save - autonomy.

What is the "Save - Autonomy" Program?
It is a co-financed program that provides incentives to citizens to improve the energy efficiency of their home, saving money and energy and increasing its value.

Which houses can be financed?
Eligible housing is the detached house, the apartment building as a whole building and the individual apartment that meets the following criteria:
• Used as a residence.
• It has a building permit.
• It has been classified based on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in a category lower than or equal to D.
• Not deemed demolishable.

Who can join the Program - With what incentives?
Only natural persons who:
• They have the right of ownership (full or partial) or usufruct in an eligible residence.
• Meet the income criteria.




Eligible costs:
• Opening, sliding and folding aluminum systems for doors and windows
• Aluminum shutters
• Screens

• Aluminum pergola systems